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Using the latest technologies Numo quite simply enables businesses to evolve; we work with companies to develop truly integrated marketing campaigns and even support them with the analysis of their consumers, sales and ultimately their successes.

As a progressive digital marketing house we understand how to link up marketing and technical applications to deliver end to end solutions. So whether it’s content creation, TV advertising, a smarter approach or all of the above, we collaborate with your in house team to deliver a marketing campaign without limits.

Based between our London, Manchester and Plymouth offices our friendly team is here to help you create a campaign that gets results.

Steve Tomkinson - CEO

With a career spanning from publishing to national retailing Steve is an expert in client development and managing large projects with stakeholder involvement.

Steve has personally developed projects in everything from eCommerce to business growth for some of the biggest brands in the world such as Gordon Ramsay, Allianz and Honeywell, but also specialises in strategies for smaller companies with the ambition to take their business to the next level.

When it comes to working out how to move your business forward a personal approach is Steve’s number one tool. Speak to him for an honest appraisal so you can continue to take your business from strength to strength.

As the 'translator' for business and tech partners alike if you’re looking to keep up with the marketing or technology race Steve's the guy to call. (He is also the guy to call when you need someone to make you a mean Fidel's Mojito, but not while he's sat in his kayak!).


Our in house team has a hugely diverse skill set but hey everyone needs a hand from time to time. We collaborate with trusted partners and agencies from the UK and beyond, so whether it’s targeting that elusive millennial or generation z or finding the trends in your customer journey Numo can help.

We believe that this inclusive partnership approach means that everyone wins. You get the best people for the project or campaign and we get to work with exciting people who live and breathe their chosen subject.

Get in touch, we would love to work with you and your business.

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